The Word and Water Project is an international missions organization, 501(c)(3), headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Mission

The Word and Water Project exists to reach people for Christ by sharing His Word and other life-sustaining elements, such as clean water.

We accomplish this mission by partnering with like-minded, local ministries providing Bibles, water, food, and other life enhancing materials to those in need. We choose to “partner” with local ministry teams because we believe that they better understand the culture, language, and needs of its communities.

Our Story

In 2017, God laid upon the heart of several businessmen in the Birmingham, Alabama, community a desire to “finish strong” for the Gospel as they approached retirement from corporate America. From those conversations, God inspired our founder Jeff Middleton with the vision to more deliberately seek to glorify Christ while ministering to those in need by carrying out The Great Commission and The Great Commandment.

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Our Beliefs

The Word and Water Project bases its ministry on the following beliefs:

Why Water

Lack of clean water is a global crisis, with more than two billion people only  having access to contaminated water sources and 829,000 people dying each year from unsafe drinking-water and poor sanitation.

Clean water also impacts economic and social issues—specifically for women and children who must make long, risky journeys to collect water, keeping them from school and other productive endeavors.

The World and Water Project believes providing the basic need of clean water is a vital means of loving our neighbors around the world.

Learn More

Read the latest report from the World Health Organization on the availability of clean water around the world.

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